November, 19 th


Avenue XVII Olimpiade


21 KM


08:30 am

The half marathon in the heart of Rome

Regulations 21k

Based on the provisions of the “Rules for the Organization of No-Stadia Events” issued by FIDAL, athletes registered in Italy can participate, limited to people from 18 years for the 21K and 16 years for the 10k onwards in possession of one of the following requirements
  • Italian and foreign athletes in possession of Runcard (valid as sports insurance and permission to compete) and Athletes registered for a Sports Promotion Body (Athletics Section), in possession of Runcard-EPS, limited to people for 18 years of age in possession of a valid medical certificate of specific competitive fitness for athletics, which must be delivered, digitally as well, to the organizing companies of each event.
  • Italian/foreign athletes not registered in Italy in possession of a club card affiliated with Foreign Athletics Federations recognized by World Athletics. Upon registration, they must alternatively present the self-certification of possession of the card recognized by World Athletics. The self-certification will then, however, be signed in original upon collection of the bib.
Foreign citizens who participate for tourism-sports purposes can also participate without sending a medical certificate, by duly filling in the Liability Waiver Form and sending it to the address rome21k@icron.it along with an identity document.
This non-competitive event for tourism/sports purposes does not fall under the aegis of FIDAL, as not registered.
Foreign participants will be able to start in the grids set up for the competitive race based on the season staff on the half marathon (or the closest official distance) which they must indicate at the time of registration but will be identified with different bibs, they will not be included in the ranking and they will not be able to benefit from prizes in kind, in cash, vouchers, bonuses, engagements, and/or reimbursements of any kind.
The indicated time will be verified by the Organization and in the event of a false declaration or inability to verify the athlete, the athlete will be started on the last grid (NON-competitive race).



This protocol is in application of the regulations enforced on the date of the drafting of the regulation and is, therefore, susceptible to variations in the event of adaptation or variations of the protocols imposed by the competent authorities. Each participant is required to check for updates regarding the Anti Covid-19 security protocols as the date of the event approaches, on the website www.rome21k.com.


Individual athletes will be able to register directly online on the website www.rome21k.com
  The commissions applied on the online registration service are not included in the quotas indicated.
The clubs can register either by using the online registration form or, alternatively, by sending an email to rome21k@icron.it to receive the excel form to be filled in with the athletes’ data.
The deadline for registration is Friday 10 November, it will not be possible to register after this day and in any case on the day of the race.
Upon registration, each athlete must indicate their seasonal staff on the competition distance (or the closest official distance) and the event in which it was registered. The organization will verify the declared personnel.
Athletes at the time of registration must indicate:
– FIDAL card number (or card of foreign federations affiliated with IAAF or IPC)
– Number of RunCard Fidal or RunCard EPS
– a copy of the payment if it was made by bank transfer
– a copy of the valid competitive medical certificate for Athletics
Athletes with an IRREGULAR or INCOMPLETE registration will be automatically excluded from the list of athletes registered for the race and will therefore not be able to take part in the event.
At the end of the registration (from November 10th) each athlete will be sent a “Confirmation letter” which will be necessary to collect the race bib.


The absolute awards ceremony will take place on the awards stage from 10:15 am.
The category awards will take place starting at 11:00 at the dedicated gazebos, located in front of the entrance to the Terme di Caracalla stadium where the winners must personally collect the prize by showing their bib number.
Athletes unable to personally collect the prize will be able to delegate the withdrawal, the delegate must in any case show the bib number of the winner.
Unclaimed prizes will no longer be payable from the following day.
The following will be awarded:
Rome 21k:
– the first 3 * classified Absolute M / F with prize money (1st 400.00 – 2nd 200.00 – 3rd 100.00)


** the prize will be paid up to the limit of only 1 hour and 11 ‘chronometric performances for men and 1h and 23 ‘for women

– the first 3 athletes of each M / F category with technical material and / or prizes in kind
* Absolute prizes are cumulative.
Rome 21k – Fidal Lazio Championship (reserved for all Fidal athletes, registered with the clubs of the Lazio region):
the first 3 classified Assoluti M / F with trophy and jersey
the first 3 athletes of each M / F category with trophy and jersey.
The first 20 companies * with the highest number of points obtained will be rewarded with reimbursement of expenses. For each athlete who arrives, 1 point will be awarded for the Rome 21k and 0.5 points for the Rome 10K.
* only the companies that have sent the registrations with the company / group form will be entitled.
The first 5 companies must total a minimum of 60 points – from the 6th to the 10th must total a minimum of 40 points – from the 11th to the 20th company must total a minimum of 25 points.


1^ Society € 1.000
5^ Society € 300
11^ – 15^ Society € 80
2^ Society € 700
6^ Society € 200
16^ – 20^ Society € 50
3^ Society € 500
7^ Society € 150
4^ Society € 400
8^-9^ -10^ Society € 100
The amount of the prizes must be understood gross of withholding taxes and will be delivered within 90 days of the event.

Bib Collection

The bibs can be collected individually by the athlete registered for the race.
Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November
at the “Expò Rome 21K” village set up in the Auditorium Parco della Musica – Via Pietro de Coubertin 30 – open from 12 to 6 pm on Friday 17 November and from 10am to 6pm on Saturday 18 November.

To collect the race bib, the following documents are required:
•     Registration confirmation letter (sent to athletes after registration closes, after November 10th)
•     An identity document

The bibs cannot be collected on the day of the race.
Those unable to collect the bib in person can delegate someone to collect on their behalf; the delegate must bring:

•     A letter confirming registration from the delegator (sent to athletes upon closing registrations, After November 10th)
•     A proxy of the athlete for whom you want to collect the bib signed by the delegator and the delegate
•     Photocopy of the identity document of the delegator.

Registration fee

The cost of registering for the Rome 21k (Half Marathon) is set at:
  • € 30,00 until October 15th
  • € 34,00 until November 04th
  • € 38,00 until November 10th
PROMO: at the opening of registrations, a promotional rate of € 25 will be applied to the first 500 athletes who register for the event.

Registration fee include:

  • race bib;
  • madical and technical service;
  • basic italian RCT insurance;
  • race goodies bag
  • official t-shirt for the first 4000 subscribers;
  • refreshment stations;
  • timing service;
  • finisher medal (for the first 4000 finishers);

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